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To ensure quality control and sanitation, Heights Vision does not accept returns.

Our premium frames are handmade, imported, polished, and, most importantly, NEW. When glasses are worn for an extended period of time, they're "used" and cannot return to inventory. Always be wary when purchasing glasses with a generous return policy because it could also mean the new glasses you just purchased might actually be used. 


Our premium lenses are made to a patient's unique prescription with personalized coating options. They are custom cut and edged to fit the exact frame. Thus, lenses cannot be reused nor returned. If, however, the lens needs to be corrected due to a new Rx, changes in measurement, or general error; labs will typically allow for a remake to the correct specifications free of charge within 60 days.


Depending on the frame, some brands also offer a one year warranty that covers manufacturers defects. Other frames, may offer replacement parts at a replacement cost. In either case, patients are responsible for shipping, handling, service charges. Warranty does not include damage that is induced by the wearer, such as abuse from rough handling, incorrect cleaning, excessive heat, moisture, breakage, etc.

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