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At Heights Vision we offer the best lenses possible so you can have the best vision possible.



"Some lenses outweigh the others."




Plastic lenses are widely used and are recommended for weak prescriptions. They are basic lenses and can scratch easily without coating. They are heavier, thicker and not impact-resistant.  


Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than plastic.  They are also 10 times more impact resistant than plastic – suitable for children and active wearers.  Good for rimless drill-mount frames.


Trivex has the shatter resistant properties of polycarbonate but are even lighter and have much better optical clarity.  They are easily tinted and superior for rimless drill-mount frames.

★★★ HIGH INDEX 1.67 | 1.74

High index lenses are premium lenses used for strong prescriptions and offer the thinnest and lightest lens possible. However, the lenses are dense and reflect much more light–which can be bothersome for the wearer especially at night and while using the computer. A good anti-reflective coating is absolutely recommended.


Aspheric Lenses


Aspheric lenses are useful for strong prescriptions or high cylinder values. They are created using varying curves across their surface to reduce bulk and make them flatter in their profile. They also help reduce edge distortion which some may describe as a "fishbowl effect". Lastly, these lenses help the cosmetic appeal of strong prescriptions which magnify or minify the wearer's eyes.


Digital lenses are the gold standard of aspheric lenses, often referred to as "double aspheric", making them the most cosmetically appealing lenses.  They use customizable measurements unique to your prescription with multiple optimization points for the clearest and sharpest vision throughout the entire lens surface. They also allow for anti-fatigue designs to combat digital eye strain. If you have a strong, single vision prescription; go with a digital aspheric lens for the flattest and thinnest lens with minimal distortion.


Aspheric Lens = Less Edge Distortion

Standard Lens = More Edge Distortion

Aspheric lenses help the cosmetic effects of strong hyperopia and myopia prescriptions.



Aspheric Lens




"See Better. Look Better."


Anti-Reflective Coating

Before starting with anti-reflective coating, we must understand the problem with reflections. Perfect vision is achieved when light enters the cornea and lands on the back of the retina.


Reflections on glasses prevent light from entering the eye. What we perceive as "glare" is actually light bouncing off of our lenses – which blocks our vision.


Even while wearing glasses at night just to watch tv, there is a lot of reflections that block our vision.


Anti-reflective coatings remove this glare so we can see clearly. Also, it allows others to see our eyes instead of a large white reflection, which is helpful for photos and video conference calls.


Ultimate Anti-Reflective ★★★  

Ultimate Anti-Reflective Coating is the best-in-class reflection reduction, enhanced UV protection, and anti-glare from car headlights at night. They're also the most durable and scratch-resistant coatings. They are highly hydrophobic which helps repel water and smudges so it's easier to clean. Ultimate coatings include: Crizal Sapphire HR, Zeiss Duravision Platinum, Techshield Elite. 


Ultimate Blue Anti-Reflective Coating has the added benefit of filtering out blue-violet light from laptops, smartphones, and tablets to reduce digital eye-strain and harmful effects on the eyes. Ultimate Blue coatings included: Crizal Prevencia, Zeiss Duravision Blue, TechShield Blue



"What's better than 2 lenses in 1?

How about 3 lenses in 1."


When people reach their 40's, their eyes begin to lose the ability to focus from up close to far away. This condition is known as presbyopia. Progressive lenses are an inconspicuous solution because it allows presbyopes to see with an invisible progression from distance, mid, to near.  Progressives have a center corridor with peripheral distortion but Ultimate Progressives are technologically advanced to accomodate that.

Ultimate Progressive ★★★ ★  

Ultimate Progressive lenses are the superior choice for presbyopic people. Lenses have a patented technology with a honeycomb / grid-system and a unique prescription for each cell. This ensures the smoothest transition from near to far. These highly-advanced lenses also feature wider intermediate and reading areas with much less distortion.   Which means not having to adjust head positions and less of the off-balance feeling. Ultimate Progressives include: Unity Via Elite II, Varilux X-Series, and Zeiss Smartlife Individual 



"Glasses meet Sunglasses."



Photosensitive or Photochromic lenses are light-sensitive and darken when exposed to UV rays so that your normal glasses have the convenience and UV protection of sunglasses. An added plus is that they filter out harmful blue light both indoors and outdoors. 


VERSION A (Faster Tint Change)

These lenses change tint much faster. Note that these may not darken while driving due to the UV blocking in windshields. Includes: Essilor Transitions Gen 8, Zeiss PhotoFusion Pro, Unity SunSync Elite

VERSION B  (Darker Tint)

These lenses become the darkest tint possible for those who are sensitive to light. They also darken to a degree while driving. Note that these take a little longer to transition and, when clear, it does retain 5% tint.  Includes: Essilor Transitions Xtra-Active, Zeiss PhotoFusion Extra, Unity Sunsync Elite XT

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